Last Push For Development

There were a lot of events that occurred within the Horatio Studios team during the last months, but these events caused development to unfortunately stall. Casual YouTuber31 had left development in late May, and due to the new leader’s schedule, development was delayed.

However, things have now changed.

Casual YouTuber31 has rejoined the development of the game, hoping to lead it along a new path for success. A number of changes have been made within the team and plans are being written up. This will be the final push for the game, to release and maintain it for the next coming years. We are again starting from the beginning. Can’t promise a date for release at this point, of course, but we are aiming to get it done ^^!

Development Delayed but Still Active

This is an important announcement concerning Horatio’s development.

The bad news is that a version will not be released this year, as promised at a time on the website. We’re aiming to get the code etc. right and it’s proving to be a little difficult. We aren’t focusing on getting this game “out there” anymore; we’re focusing on getting it right, so unfortunately, I can’t really give any of you a release date <:/. In addition to this, developer and tester positions, while open, will be pretty inactive for a lot of the time as we rework it all. I apologise as project manager of the game for its delay.

The good news is that we still intend to complete this game, and that, by the end, it’s going to look and feel a lot more professional. We are still actively developing it. If you’ve got any questions at all about Horatio’s development, feel free to ask me on Discord or via email at

Thank you for your patience thus far.

This was initially an announcement made over the Discord server. Please find on the Horatio website ( an invite link to the server if you do wish to join.

Developer Placement Now Open

If you are interested in helping develop Horatio, and are good with composing modern-sounding, relaxing sounds, then you might be with a chance of joining the development team!

We are going to move away from the 8-bit themed sounds and go for something more relaxing, but none of us within the team know how to do this effectively.

If you are interested in applying, then head on over to the Discord server for the game (a link for which can be found on the main page), enter the #dev-applications channel, and fill in the Google form linked within the channel. Also read the related messages that have been sent within the channel and follow those rules. Leadership will analyse your application ASAP.

Major Horatio Update

The development team of Horatio Studios has decided to make part of their Discord Server public! Members of the public can join the server to talk about Horatio, share Horatio fan-art, report bugs or problems, listen in on updates to do with the game, and talk to the developers about how the game is coming along. Upon first release of the Discord server (to the public), the first 10 members who apply can become testers! Once we upload the invite link to the website, we’ll announce it here!

We’re also updating the website. We’ll use it as a way to release major updates, and the release versions of the game.

Due to several circumstances, development has been somewhat delayed. However, we intend to make this otherwise by making sure to release the first proper version of the game some time this year. Thanks for all the patience and support so far.