Welcome to the official website maintained for the HoboBros/Horatio Studios game, Horatio: the Third Senior Manjensen (with Knuckles)!

Horatio is a 2D Adventure platformer computer game. It is currently in active development. It has a Discord server where members, testers, and developers can communicate with each other about the game, and this website holds some more useful stuff, such as two “beta” versions of the game available for download, and a link to the official YouTube channel which will host trailers and such in the future.

The idea of Horatio originated from the HoboBros YouTube Gaming Channel. While playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii, they decided to come up with a game idea on the spot. Several fans decided that the game idea was fantastic, and so, with the HoboBros’ support, they began to build upon their ideas to create “Horatio TSM”. Since those days, many have joined its development, and the HoboBros themselves have played a development version of the game on their channel.

Below, you will find links to the beta versions of the game, the public Discord server for the game, the YouTube channel, and a major update blog which is maintained by the director of development.

We haven’t got a date for the first proper release version yet. The first release will contain a complete World 1 to play.


Major Updates


Version No. Host [Link]
1.0dev9.7 Google Drive
1.0dev9.6 Google Drive has been released! Please check out the change log (accessible in the menu above)!

However, a few notes:

  1. Right now, Horatio is only for the Windows platform. Sorry Mac and Linux users :(. However, we do plan to make the game available for all mentioned platforms in the future.
  2. While we are sure we have fixed the game going TOO FAST in version 1.0dev9.7, we can’t help if the game goes TOO SLOW. There are various actions you can do in Windows which can cause Horatio’s speed to drastically decrease, the most common of which is the taskbar context menus and notifications (they are hardware accelerated and thus make Horatio slow).
  3. If you are having any issue at all related to the game, you can join the Discord server and post in #help.
  4. There is a high chance your security software will say this program is a virus or some shit. If it does, I will tell you what I told to the other testers: “Tell it to flick my penis :)”.

Change Log

Change Log for

+ Added button with save name screen: Submit button in place of Cancel button which is now below Submit.
+ Added new option in the main menu, Licenses & Readmes. Now we don’t use the message box system, but a mini text editor system, where the user opens any text file and loads it into the readonly text editor.
+ Implemented new audio engine. Now the sounds wont “lag” the game out because now they load at initialization and not in-game.
+ More loading text, as that process will now be much longer due to new audio engine.
* Audio (not sound effects) is now in the MP3 format. The new audio engine has allowed this to happen, and it means we can save hella lot a data for the installer and user. But it does also increase the loading time.
* Changed a few things about how the installation file handles versions.
* Changed the way Horatio hops: honestly not by much but hopefully his hops look at least a little more regular :/…
* Converted all text files in the licenses and readmes folder to ANSI from UTF-8-BOM, and standardized end-of-line characters to CRLF.
* Fading is now much improved: now fading is faster and less CPU-intensive (but might still be CPU-intensive).
* Fixed some speed issues with in-game loop.
* Improved the speed of the dialogue boxes; now much faster.
* Now screen refreshing is locked less times.
* Now you are not allowed to input invalid characters for the save name in-game: because allowing this caused the game to crash.
* Reduced resource consumption in World Map screen when not pressing any button.
* Updated Credit.txt.

+ More smaller fixes.

Horatio Studios

From Horatio: The Third Senior Manjensen, grew a team of HoboBros fans. Besides Horatio, we have other HoboBros fan projects, such as maintaining the HoboBros Monthly Compilations, and one or two other secret projects ;).

This page will be later used to present application forms and such for Horatio Studios.

Here are the members of Horatio Studios as of 5th September, 2018:

  • B-Master (2018-).
  • BMO the God (June 2018-).
  • Casual YouTuber31 (April 2017-July 2018, September 2018-).
  • Forever Park (February 2018-).
  • Fnuxray//SabutornFx (June 2018-).
  • Gabrielo (April 2017-).
  • HogeezHoagies (August 2018-).
  • JoeDaPro (August 2017-).
  • KolbyWithaK (August 2017-).
  • Knux (September 2017-October 2017, 2018-).
  • LinkFromDaPast (August 2017-).
  • Peebels_Pebbels (June 2018-).
  • PeterTheKirby (August 2017-).
  • Phonzey (March 2018-).
  • Pinguboi (August 2017-).
  • Sean-Incorporated (August 2017-).
  • somedrif (August 2017-).
  • SqueakSqueak (August 2017-).